National Academy of Engineering (ANI), Argentina

The National Academy of Engineering is a technical, scientific Institution, functioning as a civil association with the power of a legal entity.


To foster and spread technical and scientific research work related to engineering, leading to the development and progress of the country;

To study the several aspects related to engineering: teaching and research work, professional work, plans connected with the public and private works, specially those of national interest;

To express its opinion, whenever it is considered convenient, on the above mentioned issues, and clarify the questions posed by the national, provincial or municipal authorities, public and private universities and educational institutions, and the professional associations;

To foster, by all possible means, the cult of dignity in the accomplishment of technical, scientific and professional engineering activities;

To establish and keep relations with the domestic and foreign institutions devoted to the study of engineering sciences and all other sciences related to them;

To found laboratories, institutes or research centers, as well as to hold lectures, seminars, conferences and all other king of meetings with domestic and foreign specialists.

To establish rewards and incentives prizes to the studious and researchers;

To take an active part whenever required in the constitution of boards of juries formed to pass legal opinion on technical or scientific reports;

To create a rostrum for its members and remarkable persons in science or technology invited for such effect, to express their ideas publicly;

To organize a specialized library for its members and general public, having in mind the purpose of its creation, promoting the exchange of publications and requiring to similar organizations as well as public and private institutions to send their books, brochures and reports.

Ing. Oscar A. Vardé , President

Av. Pte. Quintana 585 - 3er Piso
1129 Buenos Aires

+54-11 4807 1137
Fax: +54-11 4807 0671