July 1, 2011 CAETS Council Meeting, Mexico City

July 01, 2011 9:00AM   -   3:30PM



International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences, Inc.


0900 - 1530 Friday July 1, 2011

InterContinental Hotel, Mexico City

Summary Minutes

Draft October 22, 2011


1.         The President welcomed all and asked that each person indentify themselves. Dr. Koizumi (EAJ) thanked the CAETS Member Academies for their expressions of sympathy and support in the wake of the earthquake and injury to the nuclear reactors and also remarked about the disaster.

2.         The proposed agenda was approved. 

3.         The Summary Minutes of the Council Meeting of June 30, 2010 was approved.   

4.         The draft summary minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of June 27, 2011 was distributed. The Secretary noted that the Board: received theReport of the Audit Committee; approved the proposed 2012 Budget; reviewed the status of member academies paying at the $1,000 dues level; and agreed with the Executive Committee decision on the request from API.

5a.   The Council elected the following for the 2012 Board of Directors

President-elect                        János Ginsztler                        HAE, Hungary

Member                    Jaime Dominguez Abascal                    RAI, Spain                 

Member                     Magnus Breidne                                      IVA, Sweden

Member                    Andrés Tierno Abreu                               ANIU, Uruguay

Member                    Hiroshi Komiyama                                   EAJ, Japan

5b.      As recommended by the Board, the Council approved continuation of the current dues structure for FY2013. [The current dues structure is:$1,000: ANI, Argentina; BACAS, Belgium; HATZ, Croatia; EA CR, Czech Republic;  MMA, Hungary; AcTI.nl, Netherlands;  IAS, Slovenia; SAAE, South Africa; ANIU, Uruguay. $3,000: CAE, Canada; ATV, Denmark; TAF, Finland; NATF, France; acatech, Germany; NAEK, Korea; AI, Mexico; NTVA, Norway; RAI, Spain; IVA, Sweden; SATW, Switzerland. $6,000: ATSE, Australia; CAE, China; INAE, India; EAJ, Japan; RAEng, United Kingdom; NAE, United States.

[For the record, from the Council meeting of July 14, 2005, “…and noting that certain reservations had been expressed after the dues structure had been agreed. The reservations included: those academies paying the lowest level of dues should do so on a well justified basis and endeavor to strengthen their financial base and increase their dues payment to the middle level in the near term; decisions by the Board on these matters should be transparent and without the potential for conflict-of-interest.]

5c.       The report from ATV on the follow-up it took on the 2010 CAETS Statement “Sustainable Food Systems” was noted.

5d.       Future CAETS Meetings

2012 SATW    The President-elect introduced the plans to date for the CAETS 2012 meetings during August 28 – 30 and the program for the August 29 symposium on “Urban Development and Evolution of Public Transportation.”    Member academies were encouraged to submit specific topics to be addresses and speakers. Comments included questioning the practically of parallel sessions, sharpening the focus of the symposium, including mention of expected future developments in transportation, and including inter-model integrated systems. The deadline for submitting suggested topics and speakers is October 25, 2011.  

2013 HAE       To assist HAE in developing the program for the Thursday, June 27, 2013, symposium, within the theme is “Competition and/or Cooperation in Engineering Education.” the Council was asked to suggest 2 or 3 specific topics.   Suggestions included: making use of the recent Euro-CASE work on this topic; the need to focus on initiating the development of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) skills at an early grade; the need for engineers to communicate more clearly with the public about technical subjects; include current efforts to understand how to educate and new styles of learning; exchange information on what has changed and what has remained the same in engineering education; and consult the many organizations whose members practice engineering education. 

2014 – 2019 Rotation Schedule         CAE (China) thanked IVA for agreeing to make the change in hosting the 2014 CAETS meeting. The additional changes to the Rotation Schedule through 2019 were noted.        

6. Mike Manton, Chair of the Committee on International Activities, reviewed CAETS international activities.   Meetings of the IAC, WMO, and ICSU’s preparatory workshops are reviewed in the CIO report. The President-elect will represent CAETS at the September ICSU General Assembly in Rome. Achiel Van Cauwenberghe will resume representing CAETS at the IAC meetings.

7. Lance Davis introduced the Report of the CAETS Noise Control Technology Committee. The Committee leaders will report to the next Council meeting in Zurich.


            Ainomaija Haarla reported on the recent activities and future schedule of the successful Finish Award, the international Millennium Technology Prize. Philip Greenish reported on a proposed international engineering prize of one million pounds awarded every two years, to be managed by the RAEng, and expected to begin being awarded in 2013. CAETS member academies are encouraged to contribute nominations to these awards.


8. Klaus Bock initiated the Council Discussion topic “Engineering Academy/National Government Relations” with comments along the lines of his brief. Additional presentations were made by Hein Johnson on behalf of NTVA, Philip Greenish for RAEng, Baldev Raj for INAE, and Ainomaija Haarla for TAF. Comments followed from several member academy representatives. While each member academy is unique in its situation relative to its relations with its national government, sharing the experiences of each is helpful as each member academy works to improve its reputation as a unbiased source of advice on significant national issues involving engineering and technology issues.

9.   The report on the HATZ celebration, co-sponsored by CAETS, of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Ruder Boskovic was noted.

10. The request by INAE that CAETS co-sponsor its International Conference “Toward a better Innovation Ecosystem” scheduled for September 20-12, 2012, in New Delhi was approved.

11. The Program Committee Chair, José F. Albarrán, invited comments on his “19th CAETS Convocation: Preliminary Summary and Conclusions” presented at the close of the technical program on June 30, 2011.   Several thanked him for his good work in developing the technical program and for his preliminary summary and conclusions. He promised to prepare in the near future a final summary statement reflecting comments received from member academies in the next two weeks. (That statement is attached).

12.  Robin Batterham, President of ATSE, presented an update to the “Low Carbon Energy Technologies Report;” the report was posted on the web prior to the Council meeting. This CAETS Working Group is chaired by Vaughan Beck of ATSE and includes representatives from eight CAETS member academies. The outline of the content of the second report was presented and authors of some sections were identified and additional volunteers welcomed to work on a few additional sections. This second report is expected to be completed during the next year.

13. Baldev Raj led the Council Discussion topic on “Enhancing the Image of Engineering – Engaging Next Generations and the Public.” He was followed by PAN Yunhe, CAE (China) and Chuck Vest, NAE (US).  Comments followed from many CAETS Member Academy representatives. Many comments focused on the need to increase the flow of students into STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to yield more college-level students entering into these disciplines, especially engineering.

14 & 15. Going around the table, attendees were invited to briefly mention activities or topics they included in the “Issues” and “Activities.”

16. There was no new business.

17. Certificates of Appreciation were presented by President-elect René Dändliker to Baldev Raj for his two-year service on the CAETS Board of Directors and to Klaus Bock for his service as 2009 President-elect, 2010 President, and 2011 Past President of CAETS.   On June 30 Stig Gustavson was presented a Certificate for his two-year service on the CAETS Board of Directors, as he attended the Convocation but was unable to remain for the Council meeting,.

18. The meeting was adjourned at 15:30.



   List of Attendees

   Several supporting Documents

   Issues of Concern

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