December 11, 2002 Euro-CASE/CAETS Meeting, Paris

December 06, 2002 10:01PM


European Council of Applied Sciences and Engineering

28, rue Saint Dominique - 75007 Paris - France

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Meeting of the Executive Committees of CAETS and Euro-CASE

Date: Wednesday 11 December 2002, 15.00-17.00

Venue: Maison de la Chimie, 28 rue Saint Dominique, 75007Paris, room 232



     Prof. Petr Zuna (CZ), President CAETS

     Mr William C. Salmon (USA), Secretary, Treasurer CAETS

     Mr Jaakko Ihamuotila (FIN), Past President CAETS

     Dr Arne Bjørlykke (N), guest, President-elect CAETS beginning 1/1/03


     Prof. Sergio Barabaschi (I), Vice Chairman

     Mr Pierre Fillet (F), Secretary General

     Mr Alain Mongon (Euro-CASE), Executive Adviser

     Prof. Franz Pischinger (D)

     Prof. Ernest Shannon (UK), Treasurer

     Mr Valentin Van den Balck (B),Chairman

     Dr Ben Veltman (NL)


     Prof. Bill Wulf (USA), CAETS President-elect

In attendance

     Ms Helle Bonnet (Euro-CASE), Minutes Secretary



1. Welcome and introductions, Valentin Van den Balck

Mr Van den Balck welcomed the meeting and congratulated CAETS with its upcoming 25 years anniversary, to take place in 2003.

The agenda was approved.

2. CAETS - current and future activities, Presentation led by Petr Zuna

Prof. Zuna reported from the last CAETS Council meeting in Prague on 28 August 2002. Interesting discussions had taken place on engineering in the member countries.

The Council decided to invite Euro-CASE to the CAETS Council meetings, either by a delegation or by being represented by one of the common member Academies.

Prof. Shannon thanked CAETS for their invitation for Euro-CASE to be represented at CAETS Board meetings. He proposed to set up a framework for the relationship between the two organisations and to keep each other informed of activities. Euro-CASE will be happy to assist CAETS in any form for European co-ordination.

Mr Salmon presented the preparations of the next CAETS Convocation that will take place in Los Angeles on 18-22 May 2003 on “Intersection of Information and Entertainment” with the title: ”Entertaining Bytes”. The programme is enclosed in annex 1.

Messrs Ihamuotila and Salmon presented the plans for CAETS’s 25 years anniversary: CAETS shall edit a paper on 10 engineering challenges for the next 25 years. The document will be targeted towards high school students and the general public. For each challenge a 4-page discussion of the future of that field will be drafted. The final document will be available for wide distribution and translation into other languages as interests indicate. More details are given in annex 2.

3. Euro-CASE - current and future activities

Mr Van den Balck thanked CAETS for having included the Euro-CASE “Linking Knowledge and Society” conference programme and the minutes of last year’s meeting between the two Executive Committees in the agenda book for the CAETS Council Meeting in Prague.

Mr Van den Balck stated that the mandate of Prof. Barabaschi, Vice Chairman of Euro-CASE, will expire at the end of 2003. Prof. Barabaschi will be replaced by Prof. Pischinger.

3.1. Euro-CASE anniversary workshops: Shaping the Future

Mr Mongon presented the five workshops that will be organised at the occasion of Euro-CASE’s 10 years anniversary:

“Shaping the Future in Energy/Environment”

“Shaping the Future in Transport and Mobility

“Shaping the Future in Engineering and Technology Education”

“Shaping the Future in Information Society Technologies”

“Shaping the Future in “Linking Knowledge and Society”

Details about the workshop programme is given in annex 3.

An anniversary dinner will be organised on 28 March 2003 at the museum Jacquemar André in Paris.

3.2. Energy and Environment

In addition to the anniversary activities, Euro-CASE is working on “Energy and Environment”. Apart from the above anniversary workshops, the following workshops are planned:

“CO² Management in Europe”, Oslo, 16 May 2003

Chairman: Prof. Arne Bjørlykke (N)

“Wind Energy” Düsseldorf, 14 November 2003

Chairman: Prof. Kurt Kugeler

Post meeting note: On 12 December Messrs Salmon and Ihamuotila, members of the CAETS Executive Committee, participated in a working lunch with the Euro-CASE Steering Group on “Energy/Environment” during which information was exchanged. The lunch was also attended by Mr Castillon, President, Mr Rodney, Director and Ms Allard of NATF. The lunch was chaired by Mr Fillet, Secretary General of Euro-CASE.

3.3. Information Society Technologies

Mr Mongon briefly presented the European IST Prize which Euro-CASE is organising for the ninth year in 2003.

The European IST Prize is open to 31 countries. In 2002, Euro-CASE received 437 application form 26 countries, the highest number ever.

An evaluation group, consisting of 16 independent experts nominated by Euro-CASE academies, meet several times and bring the number down to 20 Winners.

The Winners are invited to exhibit their products at the annual IST Event organised by the European Commission. In 2002, the Event took place in Copenhagen and was very successful

At the IST Event an Executive Jury, consisting of 18 executives nominated by the Euro-CASE Academies, get a presentation of the Winners products, visit the exhibition, and select the three Grand Prize Winners by voting. This year, the Chairman of the Executive Jury was Thierry Breton, Chairman of France Telecom.

Each Winners receives €5,000 and the European IST Prize Winner Certificate

Each Grand Prize Winners receives €200,000 and the European IST Grand Prize trophy.

In 2002 the three Grand Prizes were awarded to IST products from Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

Euro-CASE has just concluded a contract with the European Commission on a “Nominees” projects, which consists of providing appropriate services, not only to the 20 Winners, but also to the companies that arrived just behind the Winners in the evaluation.

The nominees consist of 66 companies including the 20 Winners.

The previous Winners prove to pursue their success and survive well.

This Prize scheme gives Euro-CASE a good entry to the European Commission in IST

3.3. “Linking Knowledge and Society”: Science Generation

Apart form the ”Linking” workshop of the anniversary programme”, Euro-CASE is involved in a large programme which aims at bringing Biosciences closer to the general public. The project is the result of a contract between Fondation Aventis-Institut de France and DG Research of the European Commission. Euro-CASE’s role is to bring a European dimension to the experience obtained in France. The Academies of Italy and Sweden are actively involved.

Another “Linking” activity may be initiated on health and the mobile telephone.

4. Areas of possible co-operation, discussion

Mr Salmon gave an example of the “Linking” activity which was discussed at the CAETS Council meeting in Prague.

Mr Fillet referred to the enlargement of Europe and the corresponding expected enlargement of Euro-CASE and asked Mr Salmon of CAETS’s strategy for recruitment.

Mr Salmon answered that CAETS has a set of admission rules that ensures quality and independence of the applying Academy.

4.1. Energy, Environment and Climate

       Euro-CASE efforts to date, CAETS decision, NTVA Meeting in May 2004

Prof. Bjørlykke referred to the Euro-CASE activities on “Energy and Environment” and stated that a Euro-CASE paper would be presented at the CAETS Meeting in Norway in May 2004.

Mr Salmon referred to a meeting on 3 December 2002 on the US Government’s Science Programme in response to the climate change:

It was agreed that both organisations should keep each other informed about their activities on the issue of Energy, Environment and Climate.

4.2. Technology and Society

        CAETS discussions 28 August, 2002

Prof. Zuna stated that the theme of Technology are of interest to all Academies and fits well into the “Linking” concept of Euro-CASE.

5. Any Other Business

No items raised.

6. Next meeting

11 December 2003, 15.00 – 16.30, Paris.

Mr Van den Balck thanked the participants and closed the meeting.

Paris, 17.12.2002